Paxtonia Athletic Association (PAA) operates on volunteer power. Every family is required to pay PAA $120 for this years registrants, payable at next years registration, or is requested to offset this fee by providing a MINIMUM of 8 hours of volunteer time.

This fee is per family and not per player. The purpose of this initiative is to get all families involved in some type of volunteer activity. For the number of volunteer activities that PAA makes available, we believe that we can accommodate just about every schedule. Please note that we do not credit hours worked beyond the eight (8) hours minimum toward future years. For each hour you volunteer, $15 will be deducted from the fee.

Below is a list of PAA volunteer opportunities for you

Board Member (8 hours)

Head Coach (8 hours)

Assistant Coach (0-4 hours)

Asst. Concession Stand Coordinator (6 hours)

Concession Stand Worker (1 hour for each
hour worked)

Umpire (2 hours per game)

Field Work Days (1 hour for each
hour worked)

Advertisement Solicitor (6 hours)

Team Leader (0-4 hours)

Administrative Functions (1 hour for each
hour worked)

Chicken BBQ Helper (1 hour for each
hour worked)

Attend/Help at various PAA Meetings, Coaches Clinics, or Tournaments
(1 hour for each hour worked)

NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to report your hours in order to receive credit using the form to the right.  Please don’t wait until you are billed to dispute credit for hours worked.